Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us, and it’s essential to evaluate your company’s emergency preparedness plan sooner rather than later. One fundamental question to ask yourself is, does your business need to remain operational during landfall?

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, there is an immediate need for fuel to aid in recovery– and that is why Retif Oil & Fuel is always prepared to help.

    • Disaster Preparation & Planning
    • Generator Refueling
    • Refuel Customer-Owner Underground & Above-Ground Storage Tanks
    • Filtration & Tank Decontamination
    • Fleet Fueling
    • Storage Tanks & Pumps
    • Response & Priority Agreements
    • Mobile Fueling Stations
    • On-Site Fuel Stations
    • Emergency Response Contract

Our team of skilled professionals can respond to any disaster quickly and efficiently. By initiating a plan for natural disasters, you will be able to use your proactivity to your advantage with Retif’s support. While developing a game plan may take a considerable amount of work on the frontend, your business will experience less stress while avoiding a tragic, unexpected outage at your facility. 



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