Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for Business Owners: Before and After the Storm

Photo of palm trees in heavy winds and rains.

When a hurricane approaches, you need to be prepared. This is true on a personal level, and requires collecting emergency supplies like battery-powered flashlights, first aid kits, and non-perishable foods. But for business owners, it’s also true on a professional level.

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Contaminated DEF: Signs and Solutions

Close up image of an illuminated check engine light on a vehicle's dashboard

DEF contamination can result in water-based fluids in your engine or oil-based fluids in your SCR system. Know the signs of contaminated DEF so that you can take quick action and prevent a bad situation from becoming worse.

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Recognizing and Preventing DEF Expiration


Diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, is crucial for keeping your diesel engines running up to EPA code. However, while not classified as hazardous, DEF has a set shelf life. Contamination shortens this shelf life even further.

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Acquisition of A-Port, LLC

Retif Oil & Fuel, one of the nation’s largest family-owned fuel and lubricant distributors, is thrilled to announce our most recent acquisition, A-Port, LLC, furthering our growth in the marine industry.

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Giambrone Oil Company Inc

Acquisition effective December 2021

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Five Advantages of Using Fuel Cards for Trucking Fleets

Retif's fuel card for trucking fleets

Fuel card programs are an effective solution for trucking fleets, equally benefiting both driver and company. From cost savings to increased control over spending, read on to learn more about the five key advantages of using fuel cards.

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Diesel Fuel Tank Water Removal

Diesel truck driving with water tank.

If water is present in a diesel fuel tank, it can lead to serious problems. That’s why checking for water and removing it as soon as possible is important for every diesel fuel storage system.

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How Do Fuel Contracts Work?

A fuel contract will help you to better forecast your fuel requirements and budget needs when you lock in fuel pricing, giving you a better bottom line and increasing your profitability. 

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