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Retif Oil & Fuel understands that fluctuations in the market price of fuel can make it difficult to plan and budget for the future. Whether you are trying to meet a budget, win a bid, or simply spread risk, Retif Oil & Fuel is your fuel contract solution.

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Fuel Contracts FAQ

What is a fuel contract?

Fuel contracts are agreements between gas station retailers and wholesale providers, like Retif. For a given amount of time, the retailer agrees to purchase fuel exclusively through the contracted wholesaler. In return, the wholesaler provides the fuel to that retailer at the agreed-upon volume and price.

What are the benefits of a fuel contract?

Fuel contracts enable more accurate budget forecasting and prevent unforeseen fuel costs, helping to protect fragile profit margins. When supply does get scarce, it’s those with contracts that are prioritized for distribution. With dependable fuel supply and prices, retailers aren’t wasting time price-shopping and customers are kept happy.

What are the downsides of having a fuel contract?

There are virtually no downsides to having a fuel contract. At times, the market price for fuel may dip below the price at which you’re contracted, but you will still benefit overall from the steady long-term price, unaffected by market fluctuations.

How much is the security deposit for a fuel contract?

The amount of the security deposit can vary, but typically they are equal to the value of a full tank of fuel. This is usually collected at the time the contract is signed and is meant to ensure that the costs involved with delivering the fuel are covered.

What is the duration of a fuel contract?

The duration of a fuel contract varies depending on the needs and goals of the retailer. Contact Retif today to discuss what is best for your business.

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