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Bonifay, FL

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Products and Services


  • Fuel Delivery
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Lubricants
  • Fuel Storage Tank Rental and Delivery
  • Equipment Maintenance Programs
  • Fleet Fuel Management

Florida Fuel Delivery

Bulk Fuel Delivery


Retif provides bulk fuel delivery to a wide variety of industries across the Florida panhandle.

We provide competitive pricing on the fuel products you need to keep your operations running.

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Our Bulk Fuel Product Offerings


  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Dyed Diesel
  • Conventional Fuel
  • Ethanol Blended Fuel

Florida Lubricants Distributor

Retif Delivers Premium Oil and Lubricant Brands


We provide provide a broad range or oils, lubricants, and greases. From 5 gallon buckets to bulk totes, we have the size you need.

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Our Oil and Lubricants Specialists Are Here to Help


What can you expect from a Site Assessment?

  • An experienced Retif team member specializing in your industry will visit your site
  • Receive an assessment of your oil and lubricant needs based on your equipment and operations
  • We provide you with a plan outlining the oil and lubricant products required to keep your equipment running smoother and longer

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Florida Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel Tank Rentals


Keep a ready supply of fuel on hand. Retif’s tanks are designed for onsite equipment refueling and backup fuel supply. Our fuel storage tank rentals range in size from 650 to 20,000 gallons.

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Fuel Tank Monitoring and Maintenance


In addition to tank rentals, Retif provides a range of fuel tank services

  • Tank setup and delivery
  • Electronic tank monitoring with scheduled refill
  • Schedule routine maintenance to keep your equipment running for the long haul

Florida Equipment Maintenance Programs

Retif’s equipment maintenance programs are the perfect complement to your plant maintenance timeline.

We provide routine purification services to extend the life of your equipment. Emergencies happen. When they do, you can depend on our turnaround and commissioning services for quick, reliable startups.

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Our Equipment Maintenance Services include:

  • Oil Filtration and Dehydration
  • Oil Analysis
  • Consulting and Design

Florida Fleet Fuel Management Card

On Road Fuel Management Program


Track and verify your fleet’s fuel purchases with Retif’s fuel management program

  • Instant access to over 57,000 Refuel locations
  • Manage your entire fleet’s fueling account
  • Manage and setup fuel cards for each driver
  • Electronic notifications to view transactions instantly – including alerts

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Captive Site Fuel Management Program


Need to know where your fuel is going? Keep tabs with an onsite tank and fuel card reader

  • Electronically monitor fuel inventory
  • Consignment inventory with average pricing
  • Setup controls on fuel usage
  • Capture transactions for all vehicles/equipment

Florida DEF

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Delivery


Help your trucks go the distance. Retif provides DEF delivery, tanks for DEF storage, and transfer & pumping equipment. And all with the convenience of delivery from our tanks to yours.

  • Save time with our Automatic DEF tank monitoring
  • On demand DEF delivery service for refills on-the-fly
  • We deliver and install DEF storage tanks directly to your site
  • Keep the purity of your tanks high with our equipment maintenance program

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