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Total Fuel Management

On Road Fuel Management Program


The only fuel management platform to instantly track and verify fuel purchases so you can manage your fleet like never before

  • Instant access to over 57,000 Refuel locations
  • Manage your entire fleet’s fueling account
  • Manage and setup fuel cards for your entire fleet
  • Electronic notifications to view transactions instantly – including alerts

Captive Site Fuel Management Program


Onsite tank rental and Refuel management card reader

  • Electronically monitor fuel inventory
  • Billing on transaction usage with average pricing
  • Setup controls on fuel usage
  • Capture transactions for all vehicles/equipment

One Fleet Fuel Card to Do It All

Android and iOS site locator app allows users to find Retif FleetWide accepting locations when you need it most – on the road.

  • Over 57,000 Refuel sites – including retail and truck stops
  • Drivers can easily plan their next stop with the site locator

Fraud Prevention

Start managing your fleet
on a whole new level

Protect your account against fraud risks

  1. Network-wide protection against fraudulent transactions
  2. Ongoing safeguards against losses due to fraudulent activity
  3. Protection from card skimming and malicious software attacks
  4. Fraud protection alerts when suspicious activity is detected


Fleet Fuel Card FAQ

What is a fleet fuel card?

Fleet fuel cards are a specialized payment method that allows truck drivers to purchase fuel, maintenance, and other related items within an authorized network of gas stations and other vendors. Essentially, they forge a relationship between trucking companies and fueling stations that produces benefits for both sides.

What are the benefits of using fuel cards for my fleet?

Fleet fuel cards offer greater transparency and control for fleet managers, complete with real-time transaction data, fraud protection, and host-based controls. For truck drivers, fuel cards operate just like a traditional credit card, providing the same convenience while significantly saving on fuel costs and other expenses. Learn more about the advantages of using fuel cards on the blog.

Where can I use my fleet fuel card?

Drivers can use their fleet fuel card at over 57,000 locations across the United States. Our Refuel sites include gas stations, truck stops, and retail for ultimate convenience. The Site Locator will show you exactly where your nearest in-network Refuel location is.

How do I choose which fuel card program to use?

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right fuel card program for your fleet. At Retif, we’re here to help you determine what is best for your fleet, and we’re with you every step of the way to configure your program to meet the specific needs of your business. Fill out a quick form or give us a call at 800-349-9000 to get started today.

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