Gas Station

Bring more business to your gas station by
partnering with trusted, recognizable fuel brands.

A branded gas station is instantly recognizable and trustworthy to drivers passing by.

Retif can help bring that name recognition to your own gas station as a trusted
distributor for established brands like Chevron, Exxon, and Texaco!

Benefits of Branding Your Retail Gas Station

Branded stations can be significantly more profitable than unbranded stations,
making brand partnerships a strategic choice for gas station owners.

Increase Brand Recognition

Using established brands’ prominent signage attracts more customers,enhancing foot traffic and sales.

Enhance Customer Convenience

Aligning with major brands allows you to accept their credit cards and loyalty programs, increasing customer convenience.

Offer Higher-Quality Fuel

The top oil and fuel brands are known for enhancing their fuel with additives that allow for better engine performance.

Charge Premium Prices

Partnering with a well-established brand and providing high-quality fuel lets you charge premium prices for the assurance of quality.

Access Brand Support

Purchasing from an established brand enables support for individual owners, including signage and fuel pump maintenance.

Dependable Branded Fuel
Delivery for Your Filling Station

Retif Oil & Fuel provides uninterrupted access to premium branded gasoline at your pumps. Our unwavering commitment to timely deliveries ensures consistent operations at your filling station.

With a strong reputation for top-quality fuel and trusted service, you can confidently serve customers, regardless of peak demand or unforeseen events. Partner with Retif to seamlessly sustain your fueling business with a reliable supply of high-quality fuel from your chosen retail fuel brand.

Chevron Fuel Delivery

Branding your gas station with Chevron offers premium fuel innovation, strong infrastructure, loyalty programs, and industry-leading products, fostering customer trust. The Techron advantage and commitment to cleaner fuels enhances customer satisfaction while tapping into Chevron’s reputation and support to promote growth and success in a competitive market.

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Exxon Fuel Delivery

Partnering with Exxon or Mobil brands for your gas station offers a substantial sales volume increase, supported by a widely successful loyalty program, innovative fuel options, and renowned products. The Synergy image enhances sales both at the pump and in your convenience store. Unique offerings like Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel provide a competitive edge.

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Texaco Fuel Delivery

Texaco branding offers iconic recognition, premium products, and strong business support for gas stations. With a rich history of quality, Texaco drives customer loyalty through rewards, a mobile app, and diverse payment options. The Extra Mile franchise enhances convenience offerings, while support in transitioning to lower-carbon solutions showcases commitment to the future.

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Gas Station Branding FAQ

How do branded gas stations work?

Branded gas stations are owned by independent operators who have partnered with a major oil company. They sell the company’s fuel and adhere to its standards, in turn benefiting from recognizable branding and advertising.

Gas station owners pay the oil company for fuel and branding while setting their own prices. On-site convenience stores (c-stores) often must meet brand requirements for products, layout, and service to ensure consistency and quality. This setup maintains consistency in brand quality and image while allowing autonomy for local station owners.