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Retif’s fuel storage tanks are available when and where you need it. Our tanks are designed for onsite equipment refueling, backup fuel supply and preventing fuel delivery downtime.

From 650 – 20,000 gallon fuel tanks,
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Fuel Tank Rentals FAQ

What are the advantages of fuel tank rentals?

Renting fuel storage tanks means having them available when and where you need them. Our tanks are designed for convenience with onsite equipment refueling, backup fuel supply, and preventing fuel delivery downtime. At Retif, we take fuel tank rental a step further for our customers, providing full-service delivery and setup (we offer a variety of tank setups and configurations), routine maintenance services, and electronic tank monitoring.

How long do fuel tanks last?

The life of a fuel tank will vary depending on the materials it’s made of, the quality of maintenance it gets, and the external conditions it’s exposed to. At a minimum, tanks should last no less than 10 years, but they can potentially last up to 30 or 40. However, removing and replacing tanks is expensive and disruptive, which is why fuel tank rental and bulk fuel delivery are so popular.

How many gallons of fuel do rental tanks hold?

Retif supplies diesel fuel tanks that range in tank size from 650 to 20,000 gallons. Whatever your needs are, we have the size for you and can help you determine the best fit for your project and purposes.

How much does a fuel storage tank cost?

There are several variables that determine the pricing for a fuel storage tank.

If you need to rent a fuel tank on a job site, you’ll want to consider whether it’s more cost-effective to rent a smaller or larger tank, depending on the size of the project/construction site. If you’re going to end up refueling a smaller tank, it may make more sense to go with the larger tank, save yourself the additional expenses of fuel delivery, and simply have all your fuel resources readily available throughout the entire project.

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