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For fleets, purity of your DEF additives is vital to keep your trucks running for the long haul. Retif provides DEF delivery, tanks for DEF storage, and transfer & pumping equipment to keep your DEF clean and pure, from our tanks to yours.

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  • Automatic DEF tank monitoring to make sure you never run out
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Retif provides DEF tanks for your on-site storage needs

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  • Retif delivers and installs DEF storage tanks directly to your site
  • Keep your tanks clean and your DEF pure with our equipment maintenance program

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Keep your operating costs low with flexible bulk DEF pricing. Whether you have 1 truck or 100, we supply the fuel and DEF to keep your fleet on the road.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) FAQ

What is DEF?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid or “DEF” is an important part of keeping heavy-duty trucks and machinery operating within federal emission guidelines. Starting in 2010, changes in EPA standards required diesel-burning engines to reduce their pollution levels. DEF fluid can help accomplish this. 

What is DEF made of?

DEF is typically made of deionized water and urea. 

What does DEF do?

Using the combination of deionized water and urea DEF helps transform nitrous oxide emissions into water and gas.

How long does DEF last?

The shelf life of DEF is typically about one to two years when stored at a temperature of 75 degrees. In the field, a full DEF tank can last about 63,000 miles, but it can depend on your own driving habits. 

Where can I buy DEF?

DEF can be purchased by visiting our website. For a quote, please reach out to one of our sales representatives at (800) 349-9000 or contact us.

What is DEF used for?

At its most basic level, DEF is used to help keep diesel emissions clean. Starting in 2010, EPA standards started to apply to diesel-burning engines as well. With its combination of deionized water and urea, DEF eliminates nitrous oxide emissions and turns them into water and gas. 

How to dispose of DEF?

If you spill DEF, isolate the spill in a non-combustible material such as sand. Avoid spilling the liquid in a drain. If you do so, rinse out rigorously. If DEF gets on your vehicle, you can wipe it with water. 

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