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Bulk DEF Delivery

For fleets, purity of your DEF additives is vital to keep your trucks running for the long haul. Retif provides DEF delivery, tanks for DEF storage, and transfer & pumping equipment to keep your DEF clean and pure, from our tanks to yours.

We have the DEF delivery schedule to meet your needs

  • Automatic DEF tank monitoring to make sure you never run out
  • On demand DEF delivery for when you need it

DEF Tank

Retif provides DEF tanks for your on-site storage needs

Learn more about our storage tank rentals.

  • Retif delivers and installs DEF storage tanks directly to your site
  • Keep your tanks clean and your DEF pure with our equipment maintenance program

Bulk DEF Pricing

Let’s keep your fleet
running strong

Keep your operating costs low with flexible bulk DEF pricing. Whether you have 1 truck or 100, we supply the fuel and DEF to keep your fleet on the road.


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