A More Modern Workplace

Before the Christmas holidays, Retif employees were granted with a surprise no employee could have ever expected. Ryan Retif, the President of the company, announced the company would be adopting a shorter workweek. There will be early closure every Friday at noon, which goes into effect this New Year.

As expected, this was a shock for most of Retif employees. The company has been around for 50 plus years functioning as the family-owned company it has always been until, of course, Ryan Retif stepped into the role as President, and his father, Kenny Retif, became CEO. Among many of the reasons he took into consideration, his main idea is that he believes this will allow his employees to focus more on work/life balance, reflecting his most fundamental core value, “Family.” The company defines this core value as “our families are the most important part of who we are.” The company believes this will allow employees to spend more time with their families.

With this decision, he understands there will be many pros and cons associated but firmly believes more advantages. According to research, some benefits consist of stress levels have decreased by almost 10%, and the overall work satisfaction rates rose by 5%. There will be higher productivity levels among his employees, along with higher levels of employee satisfaction that occur with a shorter workweek. Then lastly, studies also believe teams become closer because there is less stress in the workplace; teams tend to work better together. Retif’s leadership team expects this to benefit Retif as a whole from inside, starting with our employees, and out resulting in better customer satisfaction. 

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