Shell Turbo Lubricants

What is Shell Turbo?

The Shell Turbo collection of turbine oils is designed to protect your equipment and power efficient operation throughout its lifetime.

From protecting turbine systems to powering cities, Shell Turbo oils offer peace of mind by reducing equipment downtime, reducing lubricant and maintenance costs, and enhancing production capacity.

Turbine operators have saved tens of thousands of dollars and cut operating costs by nearly 40% by switching to Shell Turbo products.

A collection of turbine oils designed to deliver value to your operations in 3 critical areas.

Engine Protection

Protection against the effects of corrosion, as well as deposit and lacquer build-up.

System Efficiency

Excellent filterability and rapid air release for performance at full operating potential.

Long Oil Life

High-quality oil with exceptionally long life even under continuous operating conditions.

Shell Turbo DR

Shell Turbo DR is a fire-resistant hydraulic and lubricating fluid made for use in turbines.

Manufactured from carefully selected raw materials, this product comes with a number of performance features and benefits.

With Shell Turbo DR, you can expect:

  • Good oxidation stability and demulsibility for long service life and improved service intervals
  • Ability to withstand rapid decomposition of Ester base fluid under the influence of water in the oil system
  • Minimized air entrapment lubrication and governor control systems, ensuring safe operation

Shell Turbo J

Shell Turbo J is a premium industrial turbine oil specially formulated to satisfy the demanding standards of MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industry) non-geared steam and gas turbines.

This blend of high-quality hydrotreated base oils also has special additives to enhance the oils’ rust and oxidation properties.

Shell Turbo J is specially engineered to deliver:

  • Long oil life due to resistance to sludge formation and other products of oxidation
  • Excellent corrosion protection of all metal surfaces
  • Easy excess water drainage from lubrication systems

Shell Turbo T

Shell Turbo T is a high-quality industrial steam and gas turbine oil that’s long been regarded as the industry standard.

High-quality hydrotreated base oils combine with zinc-free additives for a product that meets the demands of most modern steam turbine systems and light-duty gas turbines.

With Shell Turbo T, you can count on:

  • Minimized formation of deposits, sludge, and corrosive acids
  • Equipment protection following exposure to water or humidity during operation and shut-downs
  • Defense against premature oil oxidation and increased system reliability

Shell Turbo S4

Shell Turbo S4 is a premium-quality lubricant made for industrial steam, gas, and combined cycle turbines.

This product has been engineered to meet the demands of the latest generation of high-efficiency turbine systems, delivering outstanding long-term performance under the most severe operating conditions.

As a top-tier lubricant, Shell Turbo S4 delivers on:

  • Extended service life and reduced maintenance costs compared to conventional mineral oil technology
  • Minimized risk of wear on critical system components and unplanned turbine shutdown
  • Excellent demulsibility, air release, and resistance to foaming to maintain optimum operating conditions

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