Shell Tonna Lubricants

What is Shell Tonna?

The Shell Tonna collection of slideway oils is specially designed for lubricating machine tool slides, tables, and feed mechanisms. Its excellent frictional properties, slideway adhesion, and anti-wear performance make it reliable for machine efficiency, accuracy, and protection.

Thanks to better separation between slideway oil and coolant, the slideway oil is more easily removed, limiting the opportunity for bacteria and fungi to develop in the coolant.

This level of protection for your components brings longer equipment service life and a maximum ROI.

A collection of machine tool slideway oils designed to deliver value in 3 critical areas.

Enhanced Protection

Corrosion and wear protection for slideways, gears, bears, and hydraulic system components.

System Efficiency

Exceptional machining accuracy and levels of separation from all coolants for enhanced efficiency.

Long Oil Life

Good slideway adhesion characteristics that restrict leakage and reduce consumption for long oil life.

Shell Tonna S2

Shell Tonna S2 is a premium machine tool slideway oil, featuring highly refined mineral oils and special additives that enhance adhesion and reduce stick-slip.

It’s very low-odor and light in color, designed to improve the working environments in which it is used.

With Shell Tonna S2, you can expect:

  • Excellent wear protection, meeting or exceeding FZG scuffing test requirements
  • Extended coolant sump life by up to 20%
  • Increased speed of operations, enhancing margins by tens of thousands of dollars

Shell Tonna S3

Shell Tonna S3 is a best-in-class machine tool slideway oil, featuring excellent frictional properties, anti-wear performance, and slideway adhesion.

This product offers reliable protection for your equipment, as well as efficient machining accuracy, particularly in low-speed, high-precision machines and combined lubrication systems.

Shell Tonna S3 is designed to deliver:

  • Considerably less stick-slip than industry requirements for more accurate positioning and smoother movement
  • Up to 92% less wear than maximum allowed by industry standards
  • Up to tens of thousands of dollars saved on maintenance costs and lost production time

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