Shell Tellus Hydraulic Fluids

What is Shell Tellus?

The Shell Tellus collection of hydraulic fluids has been providing value to users for more than 70 years. Designed to benefit the complete system, as opposed to its individual parts, Shell Tellus offers improved oil life, wear protection, and stick-slip control.

With Shell Tellus products, you can expect better energy efficiency in your systems, increased oil life by up to 4 times that of conventional oils, and extended equipment life.


A collection of tried and true hydraulic fluids designed to deliver value in 3 critical areas.

Enhanced Protection

Protect against wear and extend pump life even under the most severe conditions.

System Efficiency

Maintain and improve system efficiency while optimizing for costs of operation.

Long Oil Life

Match the fluid oil life to your operational needs with long-life synthetic technologies.

Shell Tellus S1

Shell Tellus S1 is a high-quality anti-wear industrial hydraulic fluid, designed to deliver cost-effective and reliable protection.

Though not ideal for more demanding and specialized applications, you can expect good performance in most industrial applications operating under normal conditions and standard oil intervals.

Shell Tellus S1 is engineered to provide:

  • Oxidation resistance in the presence of water, air, and copper
  • Good oil life and deposit control in hydraulic systems
  • Good anti-wear performance throughout the range of operating conditions

Shell Tellus S2

Shell Tellus S2 is a high-quality hydraulic fluid engineered to offer outstanding performance and protection in most manufacturing and many mobile equipment operations.

This product is breakdown-resistant under heat or mechanical stress, and it helps to prevent damaging deposit formation that decreases system efficiency.

With Shell Tellus S2, you can count on:

  • Better system cleanliness and good stability in the presence of moisture
  • Wear protection across a range of operating conditions, helping system components last longer
  • Extended filter life and finer filtration for extra equipment protection

Shell Tellus S3

Shell Tellus S3 is a premium industrial hydraulic fluid designed for a wide range of temperatures. Made using ashless technology and highly shear stable viscosity modifiers, this product offers excellent viscosity control and protection under severe mechanical, thermal, and chemical stresses.

You can count on outstanding performance and protection in most mobile equipment and other applications that are subject to a wide range of operating or ambient temperatures.

Additional benefits you can expect from Shell Tellus S3:

  • Excellent breakdown resistance in the presence of heat or water
  • Extended maintenance capability without compromising performance or protection
  • Excellent filterability even when fluid is contaminated with water

Shell Tellus S4

Shell Tellus S4 is an advanced special application hydraulic fluid designed for use in extremely low ambient temperatures such as forestry or mining applications in arctic or exposed areas.

As a specialty fluid, Shell Tellus S4 also provides:

  • Safe equipment start-up at very low temperatures, with minimum to no heating of the system required
  • Year-round operation, only maxing out at 75°C
  • Wear protection for hydraulic system’s critical components

Retif Delivers

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