Shell Spirax Lubricants

What is Shell Spirax?

The Shell Spirax collection of axle and gear oils has been developed in close cooperation with customers and equipment manufacturers to bring you high performance you can count on.

Since many axles and gearboxes operate under different conditions and use different materials, Shell Spirax oils are designed to deliver the specific oxidation, performance characteristics, and shear stability required by each application.

The range of these products enables drivers, fleet owners, and owner-operators to select the optimum oil to deliver top value to their operations.


A collection of axle and gear oils delivering value in 3 critical areas across a range of applications.

Enhanced Protection

Exceptional protection for heavy-duty axles and gears under high-stress conditions.

Long Oil Life

Longer continuous operation with less interruption and extended component life.

System Efficiency

Reduce power loss, lower operating temperatures, and improve efficiency.

Shell Spirax S2

Shell Spirax S2 is a high-quality automotive gear lubricant made for manual transmissions and gear sets. It contains the multi-functional additives required for mild extreme pressure conditions.

Shell Spirax S2’s comprehensive components include:

  • Resistance to rust and wear
  • Good oxidation stability
  • Excellent manual gearbox lubrication for motorcycles, passenger cars, and commercial vehicles

Shell Spirax S3

Shell Spirax S3 is a high-performance gear and axle oil made for moderate to heavily loaded on- and off-road driveline applications.

This product is best for API GL-5 applications that may require SAE 80W-90, 90, or 80W fluids, as well as in some SAE 75W-90 applications where low-temperature performance is not required.

With Shell Spirax S3, you can expect:

  • Long-life additives that ensure long-term gear protection
  • High oxidation resistance for extended oil drain capability
  • Outstanding scoring, pitting, and wear protection

Shell Spirax S4

Shell Spirax S4 is a heavy-duty automatic transmission fluid made with advanced synthetic technology.

This superior-quality product is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty automotive transport and passenger car transmissions. It delivers ultimate performance, allowing extended drain intervals even under the most severe conditions.

Shell Spirax S4 is designed to bring you:

  • Extremely low-temperature fluidity
  • High-temperature oxidation stability
  • Shear stability and wear protection

Shell Spirax S6

Shell Spirax S6 is a synthetic fuel-efficient GL-5 axle oil made to provide superior performance for many premium applications. This product is specially formulated to deliver improved drivetrain lubrication, lower operating temperatures, and longer equipment life.

With Shell Spirax S6, you can count on:

  • Special frictional properties and high fluidity that reduce power loss
  • Higher mechanical efficiency
  • Exceptional oxidation resistance for long-term equipment protection and oil life

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