Shell Omala Lubricants

What is Shell Omala?

The Shell Omala collection of industrial gear oils is designed to keep gearboxes working efficiently and for a longer time.

With a range of products made for a wide variety of applications, there’s a Shell Omala oil available to meet your operational needs.

These high-performance, versatile, gear oils offer proven, robust, and reliable lubrication to help you simplify operations and reduce the risk of product misapplication.

A range of industrial gear oils designed to deliver value in 3 critical areas.

Engine Protection

Excellent rust inhibition and protection against wear and copper corrosion.

System Efficiency

Extended maintenance-free operations for higher productivity and lower costs.

Long Gearbox Life

Formulated to help gearboxes last longer and reduce total cost of ownership.

Shell Omala S1

Shell Omala S1 is a blend of refined, high-viscosity mineral oils with a small percentage of fatty oils, suitable for low-speed enclosed gears and worm drive applications.

This product is also particularly suitable for lubricating high-pressure, high-temperature steam cylinders.

Shell Omala S1 is designed to deliver:

  • Resistance to sludge formation and carbonaceous deposits in high-temperature conditions
  • Reliable oil film under low-speed operations such as worm gear drives
  • Consistent performance throughout lubrication maintenance intervals

Shell Omala S2

Shell Omala S2 is a high-quality extreme-pressure oil made primarily for lubricating heavy-duty industrial gearboxes.

This product offers excellent performance in enclosed gear applications thanks to its high load-carrying capacity, compatibility with paints and seals, and protection from micropitting.

With Shell Omala S2, you can expect:

  • Long oil life, component life, and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced risk of thermal and chemical breakdown throughout maintenance intervals
  • Optimized water separation performance, corrosion, and foam control for high gear system efficiency

Shell Omala S3

Shell Omala S3 is a specialty oil designed to lubricate industrial gearboxes that are subject to extremely high and heavily shock-loaded operations.

Formulated to support ultra-high levels of extreme-pressure performance, this problem-solving oil is most often used for gearboxes in cement, steel, mining, and quarrying industries.

Shell Omala S3 is specially engineered to provide:

  • Resistance to chemical and thermal breakdown throughout maintenance intervals
  • Optimal gear and bearing protection, even under the most severe operating conditions
  • Excellent water separation properties for an extended gear life

Shell Omala S4

Shell Omala S4 is an advanced synthetic industrial gear oil designed to provide excellent protection under high loads, as well as extra-long life.

With its low friction coefficient and good performance in low temperatures, this oil is ideal for use in wind turbines and other remote, long-life applications.

With Shell Omala S4, you can count on:

  • Up to 90% less bearing wear than standard FAG test limits
  • Gear protection that significantly exceeds the minimum requirements
  • Reduced maintenance requirements and enhanced productivity

Shell Omala S5

Shell Omala S5 is an advanced synthetic wind turbine gear oil that offers exceptional lubrication performance, even under severe operating conditions.

This innovative formula is made to protect wind turbine gears and bearings by minimizing wear and foam formation, protecting against micro-pitting, and maintaining effective fluidity at extremely low temperatures.

Shell Omala S5 is specially formulated to bring you:

  • Significantly longer service intervals compared to conventional mineral industrial gear oils
  • Excellent corrosion and rust resistance, even in the presence of seawater
  • Higher gearbox efficiency through rapid air release, low-temperature fluidity, and excellent water separation properties

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