Shell Mysella Gas-Engine Oils

What is Shell Mysella?

The Shell Mysella collection of gas-engine oils has been strategically engineered to deliver optimum value to equipment operators around the world.

These products are designed to minimize deposit build-up, keep your engine clean, and ultimately reduce oil consumption.

Companies that have switched to Shell Mysella products have seen significant increases in their engines’ oil-drain intervals and filter life, as well as a substantial reduction in annual operating costs.

A small, but powerful, range of gas-engine oils designed to deliver value in 3 critical areas.

Engine Protection

Superior deposit control, even in high-output engines operating under severe conditions.

Operational Efficiency

Designed for high engine efficiency, increasing oil-drain intervals and reducing oil consumption.

Long Oil Life

Able to maintain your operations efficiently and cost-effectively, resulting in reliable long oil life.

Shell Mysella S3

Shell Mysella S3 is a quality high-performance oil designed for use in 4-stroke, spark-ignition engines requiring a “low ash” oil and natural gas for fuel.

This product meets the standards for the new generation of stationary gas engines that employ the latest “lean” or “clean” burn technology.

With Shell Mysella S3, you can count on:

  • Resistance to nitration, oxidation, and the formation of harmful acids
  • Full compatibility with emission catalysts
  • Extended life to valves and spark plugs

Shell Mysella S5

Shell Mysella S5 is a premium-tier product designed to provide extra protection against deposits and corrosion, effectively meeting the challenges of the latest BMEP engines.

Even under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions present in modern engines, Shell Mysella S5 maintains ring belt cleanliness and protects cylinder liners.

Shell Mysella S5 delivers on:

  • Significantly prolonged oil life compared to previous generation gas-engine oils
  • Excellent deposit control and piston cleanliness in advanced engine designs
  • Knocking prevention and minimized engine friction losses

Retif Delivers

We are flexible to meet your needs. We provide Shell Mysella products in a range of sizes to fit your needs:

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  • Bulk

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