Shell Diala Transformer Oils

What is Shell Diala?

The Shell Diala collection features a range of transformer oils designed to meet your technical and operational needs, protect your equipment, and provide efficient operation throughout its lifetime.

All Shell Diala products meet the industry standards for resisting corrosive sulfur, and with the addition of Shell Diala S4, take their value to the next level in terms of better wear protection, greater efficiency, and longer oil life.

A collection of powerful transformer oils designed to deliver value in 3 critical areas.

Long Oil Life

Designed to last with exceptional resistance to the effects of aging, sludge formation, and build-up.

System Efficiency

Maintain oil characteristics and high performance across a wide range of operating temperatures.

Enhanced Protection

Several options available for the best possible protection at the heart of your transformer.

Shell Diala S2

Manufactured from highly refined mineral oils, Shell Diala S2 is an inhibited electrical insulating oil offering good dielectric properties, oxidation stability, and consistently efficient heat transfer.

Known for its reliable performance, Shell Diala S2 meets the industry standards for both established and newer, more severe copper corrosion tests.

With this product you can count on:

  • Outstanding oxidation performance and extended oil life
  • Proper heat transfer inside transformers, even when starting from low temperatures
  • Resistance to copper corrosion, no need for additional passivation

Shell Diala S3

Manufactured from specially refined minerals oils with ultra-low sulfur content, Shell Diala S3 is a premium, inhibited electrical insulating oil with excellent dielectric and low-temperature properties.

In addition, when you use Shell Diala S3, you can always count on:

  • Resistance to copper corrosion
  • Proper heat transfer inside transformers, even when starting from very low temperatures, classifying S3 as “Arctic grade”
  • Outstanding oxidation performance and extended oil life

Shell Diala S4

Shell Diala S4 is the latest offering in the Shell Diala collection of transformer oils, engineered to endure the severe stresses imposed by the latest generation of transformers.

Even through higher voltages and harsher operating conditions, Shell Diala S4 offers superior performance, keeping your transformer working longer and more efficiently than conventional oils.

As the collection’s top-of-the-line product, you can expect:

  • Resistance to degradation, resulting in improved transformer reliability
  • Effectively zero sulfur content, which eliminates the risk of oil-related copper corrosion
  • Excellent thermal properties under conditions of overload and low starting temperatures, leading to enhanced transformer operation

Retif Delivers

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