Emergency Fuel Delivery

Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes with Retif’s Emergency Fuel Delivery Services

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On-Site Emergency Fuel Delivery

Quick and cost-effective turnaround on your fuel needs with our widespread access to fuel terminals.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Electronic tank monitoring and maintenance services make sure you never run out of fuel when you need it most.

Fuel Tank Rentals

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Our range of fuel storage tank sizes gives you the capacity to keep your generators running.

Emergency Responders and Critical Service Providers

Retif proudly supports the brave individuals and organizations who save lives when emergencies strike. We work with these groups to provide the fuel to carry out disaster response efforts.

  • Fire departments, police departments, and EMTs
  • Disaster response organizations


How we support emergency responders and critical service providers:

  • Planning and logistics for fuel delivery before and after weather-related disasters
  • Top-priority fuel delivery
  • Tank monitoring and alerts on fuel levels
  • On-site fuel tank rentals to increase and supplement fuel reserves

Emergency Fuel for Gas Stations and Grocery Suppliers

The last thing businesses need in the middle of a storm is to lose power. With an emergency fuel plan in place, you can avoid the vulnerability of no power, halted production, and lost revenue.

For food and grocery retailers and suppliers, in particular, the financial consequences can be severe. Without proper refrigeration, a large percentage of store inventory can be lost. Check out our guide for preparing your store and team for a hurricane.

It is critical that retailers not only maintain reliable back-up power generators but that they also ensure fuel availability. Retif offers services to help you properly prepare.

  • Emergency fuel delivery contingency planning
  • Tank monitoring and alerts on fuel levels
  • On-site fuel tank rentals
  • On-site fueling

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