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Refuel Fleetwide Card Network

Our Refuel Fleetwide card is an ideal way to stay in control of your company’s fuel usage – allowing you to keep track of exactly where your fuel is going. This card is accepted at more than 30,000 sites and is a highly effective way to monitor your entire fleet’s fuel purchases.

The Refuel Fleetwide card offers a number of features to assist you in controlling fueling, including reports on the number of transactions per day, the time of day and the day of the week that each transaction takes place. In addition, you will receive exception reports that are emailed within seconds and include reports on invalid products, odometer reasonability and over gallon limit (per fill-up).

Reduced Costs

Retif Oil & Fuel can also help you reduce costs when you sign up for paperless services such as electronic invoicing and EFT payment. In addition, the Refuel Fleetwide card has NO HIDDEN FEES for account setup, activation, customer service or electronic invoicing. It’s all FREE.



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