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Pink Moose Lubricants

We are tough. We are strong. We are dependable. We are responsible 
Oftentimes, we get the question, “Why the pink moose? Why the pink… seriously in this industry?” It’s easy though why not a moose? Moose are known to be headstrong, wise, confident, and the list goes on, but notably steadfast. Come on now, in this industry a loyal, committed, and dependable partner goes a long way, right?  

Now enough about the moose. Let’s put it out there. Real men wear pink- especially the Retif men. After 50 long years and three generations deep- hardships come and go, but this one really hit home. Momma Retif was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer and her 5 boys, (well six if you include her oldest Kenny Retif), hopelessly scrambled for a solution.

These grown men quickly fell back into their roles as momma’s boys and took action. Giving back to the community was a no-brainer. Yet they struggled to figure out how. With the hardship of Breast cancer being so dear to their hearts, the hearts of many others, collectively they decided Pink Moose Lubricants was the answer. Every drum and pail matters. Every pump counts. Retif delivers, Retif Solutions.