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For us, there is nothing better than a happy customer.

And we have lots of them! Here are just a few that let us know how much we mean to them.

Retif offered me a much broader spectrum of products from major lubricant companies as well as house brand products meeting all of our specifications. They also offered technology never seen or offered before that is a great asset to our inventory management needs.

- Tony Hartley, Division Manager for MARPAN Container Division and Maintenance Manager for MARPAN Recycling

Retif Oil & Fuel customer service and professionalism is what has sold me to making the switch over to them this past year. I no longer have to keep track of my fueling levels as Retif does that duty for me. They are always looking at ways to work with us and help save us money. From customer service representatives, to the managers, and to the delivery personnel, all have been A+ individuals and I recommend Retif Oil & Fuel for your petroleum products.

- Scott Wollack, General Manager for New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway

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